Improving our property’s visual appeal, be it a residential, commercial, or industrial property, is not by any means a wasteful investment. In fact, landscaping, grading, and concreting procedures play a huge role in increasing your property’s value and curb appeal.

It can also, in the long run, prevent your property from experiencing drainage problems and foundational hazards. Despite the many benefits that these procedures pose, many property owners are still reluctant to contact a company due to the hassle of individually calling a landscaping company, grading company, and concrete contractor to deal with these issues. With Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading, however, there’s no such hassle since they handle all types of landscape and hardscape services from start to finish with extreme efficiency.

Landscaping is an art that involves careful planning and science. Without the proper knowledge, equipment, and skill, a landscaping, concreting, and grading procedure can just be a nuisance and can even be harmful especially when it comes to leveling your property’s incline. Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading has an extensive experience in dealing with various landscaping situations and has, throughout the years, acquired top-notch skills necessary to bring out the best result possible.

Their experts are armed with horticultural knowledge and have an ingrained knowledge of Greenville’s soil quality and terrain as well as the area’s flora and fauna. Their workers are also all licensed and have undergone strict training so they are fully qualified to handle all the landscaping and concreting services that you require no matter how simple or complex.

If you are having drainage problems due to inappropriate terrain, Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading contractors will thoroughly assess your yard’s elevation levels and proceed to properly level it for a smoothly flowing drainage system and make it the perfect slope for landscaping purposes.

If you so wish, they can proceed to transform your lawn into a Japanese-style garden landscape or a modern eclectic one. Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading will bring your vision to life down to the last detail. The company does not employ subcontractors, so while their expert horticulturists and botanist work on the plant aspect or the softscape of your lawn, their expert craftsmen can work on providing you the perfect brick or paver flagstone patio that highlights your landscape’s lush and colorful scenery. They can also revamp your dull gray driveway into an intriguing design. However, if you just want a low-maintenance but still visually appealing landscape, Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading can also provide you with a rock garden with easy to maintain shrubs.

Since Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading provides landscaping, concreting, and grading services all by themselves, their services are significantly more affordable compared to companies that employ subcontractors for the other procedures (e.g. grading or land leveling). As a professional contractor, Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading adhere to strict regulations and safety protocols set by the state so you can be assured that you’re receiving professional service all throughout.

Surely, you don’t need to look further. Lead Landscape, Concrete & Grading is your reliable one-stop shop for Landscaping, Grading and Concrete services.